Our Story

Co-Founders: Veronica, Irene, and Cecilia


The History of Level Up Latina

Level Up Latina founders share a friendship spanning 20 + years since their UC Santa Barbara days. Originally, Cecilia approached Irene and Veronica about the hurdles of balancing career, marriage, and motherhood. She longed for a community to share her journey with and even thought of the countless women  experiencing many of the same challenges without a network of support and mentorship.

Over the decades, these women grew and shared in the highs and lows of leveling up their lives. Alas, the idea of creating a platform for other working professionals and/or mothers came to be. Level Up Latina was born! 

These powerful women from very diverse and successful professional backgrounds came together to not only max out their lives, but the lives of others.  Now as working professionals, these women embrace motherhood as they balance self-care, finances, fulfilling careers, and healthy relationships. Level Up Latina is a space for sharing knowledge, struggles, and maybe even some laughs along the way. *Full disclosure we are not only a community for Latinas. We support all women and together we're all in the exact place needed to be to... Level Up! 

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